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MORE Analysis Proposal Submission Policy and Procedure

Analysis proposals must be submitted with the following:

  1. A "MORE Analysis Proposal Form" (which can be obtained from the MORE Project Assistant or can be downloaded from the MORE Website).
  2. A brief summary of your proposal that includes a hypothesis or research question, a brief background (why is this analysis important?), and a list of the variables to be used in analysis (be specific).
  3. Dummy tables outlining the analyses covered by the proposed publication. For any one plan, do NOT submit more than 3 initial tables besides summaries of subject characteristics.

All analysis proposals should be addressed to MORE Project Assistant. (Please send by email (see MORE directory) or by mail to UCSF Prevention Sciences Group, Coordinating Center, 74 New Montgomery Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA.

The project assistant will check the proposal for lists of variables and dummy tables. Those not complying will be returned to the author for completion. Those complying with the approved format will then be reviewed by one of the UCSF Coordinating Center statisticians/data analysts for statistical viability and the chair of the Publications Committee or a supervisory member of the AS&P Committee, who will check for any analysis overlaps with previously approved proposals, as denoted in the text and the dummy tables. If comparison of the tables or plans reveals any overlap, the author of the potential analysis proposal will be notified and the authors will be urged to collaborate. If collaboration will not work, priority will be given to the investigator whose plan was submitted first.

If an analysis proposal falls into the category of "main paper," defined as a paper reporting the results of the trial for a primary endpoint(s), the chair of the Ancillary Studies and Publications Committee will forward it to the appropriate publications planning group for main paper review. All decisions made by the planning groups are subject to approval by the Ancillary Studies and Publications Committee and the Steering Committee.

If the chair or supervisory member of the Publications Committee approves an analysis proposal for further review, the project assistant will fax the proposal along with a memo and ballot to all of the Ancillary Studies and Publications Committee members. Committee members will have ten business days to return the ballots with approval, comments and/or objections. The project assistant will collect all returned ballots and forward them to the chair of the Ancillary Studies and Publications Committee for review.

Based on the returned ballots, the chair may pass certain judgments on the analysis proposal: approval, approval with minor suggestions, revision and resubmission, or rejection. The project assistant will send a memo to the first author of the analysis proposal and the whole Ancillary Studies and Publications Committee about the committee chairís decision via fax.

The Steering Committee will also be kept informed on the status of all analysis proposals. Members of the Steering Committee will be informed when new analysis proposals are received or when the status of an analysis proposal is changed. When the MORE website is functional, the Steering Committee will be asked to refer to the website for any analysis plan changes or developments.